tinyblueoctopus's Journal

19 July
Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, United States
University of the Arts - Philadelphia PA (2000 - 2004)
Interests: (113)
"remember that time...", "spinning", a good sneeze, air hockey, animals, animation, aquariums, art, autumn, b&w photography, baby farts, back rubs, baking, becoming independently wealthy, bed head, black hair/blue eyes, blank stares, blue-ringed octopi, boy speak, career crises, cartoons, cartoons+icecream, cary grant, cepholopods, ceramics, chapstick all natural, chemical bonding, chocolate toothpaste, claustrophobia, cobalt blue daisies, cold hands, comics, complaining, constant feelings of guilt, conversation, crape myrtles, danny elfman for president, day dreaming, dinosaurs, drawing, explosions, forehead kisses, fuzzy turtle socks, generalized anxiety disorder, getting a paycheck, going off on tangents, goldfish, goofiness, honesty, horrifying monsters, hugging michael ian black, indecision, intense hammerhead sharks, irrational fear, knitting, laughing, llamas, lumpy mashed potatoes, making dumb lists, merciless teasing, music, my cat, naps, needless obsessing, no motivation, peeviews, people watching, pessimism, phenylethylamine, private jokes, procrastination, reading, real people, reese's peanut butter cups, ryukins, sarcasm, scarves, self deprication, septa transpasses, shaky hands, shubunkins, silliness, singing loudly and off-key, snuggling, social anxiety, soul searching, sporks, stubby tortoise paws, student loans, substance, surrealism, talking too much, tetris, that jar kid, the color green, the number 29, the pretzel factory, the princess bride, thinking, thunder storms, tortoises, tree candles, unconditional love, useless stuff, video games, wasting time, water colors, wawa coffee, weird dreams, whiny video game characters, worrying, zoo keeping, zoos
A haiku

Doritos smell bad
I still reach into the bag
until they are gone.

I don't write much anymore, but I'm out there... watching.
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